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Empowering individuals

Empowered people are more fulfilled at work and get better results. What could be more important to a leader?

It’s a tall order. People come in all shapes and sizes personality-wise, and can have very different motivations. A team or leader who scores high on the 'Empowering individuals' dimension understands different personality types and can empathise and work with them. Some of this is a natural intuition, but much can be learned – from reading, completing personality tests and taking leadership training courses.

This aspect of leadership requires a high degree of emotional intelligence:

  1. With a keen awareness of their own strengths and shortcomings the emotioanally intelligent leader learns to manage their own emotions and keep their resilience and confidence high whatever is thrown at them.
  2. Emotionally intelligent leaders also understand the different motivators that work for different people. (see "Happiness at work" for a summary)
  3. They can support, appreciate and coach their people so that confidence is maintained even when the going gets tough. The empowerment this creates is the heart of a can-do culture.

Almost every aspect of leadership – from leading change to performance management and managing stakeholders is strengthened by increasing your ability to empower others.