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Setting direction

Matching the team's skill and drive with what customers want will transform the vision into practical ambitions.

The fundamental energy for the team's work comes from its internal sense of purpose. This needs to be translated into a more precise set of ambitions – as a set of services or products that you’ll strive to provide and the professional values you'll adhere to. These ambitions must then be channelled down eventually to a set of individual and team objectives.

Balancing what customers want with what you want to provide gets you to that focus point and stimulates innnovation but can also be challenging. Sometimes there is total alignment between what you and your customers want, sometimes compromises must be made. The Visionary's skill is to handle any compromise between getting it right for customers and the team's own priorities in a way that retains the drive and passion of the team.

Ultimately, clarifying your objectives is about deciding what you are going to do, what is most important, and deciding what you aren’t going to do. A “top priorities” and “what to drop” list mark effective teams and leaders out from the rest.