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All reviews take just a few seconds to set up, but you do need to be registered and logged in first. The reason for this is that when the report is eventually generated it is only available, for confidentiality reasons, to the person who set the review up in the first place. To ensure this confidentiality, the report can only be accessed by the email and password combination of the person setting the review up.

If you have already registered on the site just login. When you are logged in, a dropdown menu appears under Your Dashboard, with a link to the 'Set up a review' page. The 'Set up a review' page simply asks you for the name you want to give to your review, and to click on which type of review you want to set up. When you click the 'Set up a review' button your review is set up and you are taken to the 'Your review has been set up' page. On this page you are given all the details you need about the review - how to access the online questionnaire, an ID for the review, and a password for the review. These details are also automatically emailed to you. You then send the link to the online review, and the review login details to anyone you want to complete the review. All of this is explained on-screen and in the email you are sent.

If you are not yet registered just click on the register link, answer a couple of simple questions to complete your registration. You are instantly logged on and an email confirming your registration is sent to your email address. Your password details are encrypted in our database.