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How does the T&L Individual 360 process work?

Step 1: Set up your Individual 360.

You'll be asked for a name for your review. A secure and confidential link is generated. You could also check out Individual 360: A Guide

Step 2: Email the link to your contributors.

Everyone you email will be taken to the questionnaire, which will ask them to give feedback against 26 criteria.

Step 3: Generate and view your report

When your contributors have completed the questionnaire, log in and click 'Review Dashboard' to view and download your report.

Step 4: Read through your 360.

Look at how you're doing, your strengths and suggested areas for improvement. Click the links in the report to get your recommended improvement exercises.

Step 5: Do the reflective practice exercises.

Have a look at the exercises recommended in the Individual 360 or browse the Expert Guidance for relevant topics.

Step 6: Implement the changes.

Repeat the process in 6 months, or when it feels necessary.